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Humanist Wedding – Margate

My experience from being part of Susan and Steve’s big day is that just because some don’t follow the same route as others when it comes to becoming a true partnership, it doesn’t mean that the day is any less glamourous, as you can see from the pictures I captured throughout the day.

This was my first experience of a humanist wedding – Margate, and there were plenty of rituals that made a lot of sense. One such instance is the term “tying the knot,” which was used in the literal sense during the ceremony. Humanist wedding offers the same qualities as a more conventional wedding, but offer more choice for those who may not have religious beliefs, or just wish to get married at a location that isn’t licensed for civil weddings. Some wedding photographers in Kent may have limitations when it comes to a certain location, but I’m only too happy to travel to unique and historical locations.

The choice for using Salmestone Grange in Kent as the venue really added an atmosphere that made for some truly mesmerising shots. The building has been preserved since the 14<sup>th</sup> century and is one of the most tranquil monastic granges located in Europe. This partnered with the delightful and friendly attendees in their beautiful outfits meant that there was little effort required in capturing memories that can be looked upon in times to come.